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Boiler dust collector, boiler dust removal equipment Daquan

Boiler dust collector, boiler dust removal equipment Daquan

燃料在燃烧的过程中会产生大量烟气 的过程中 会产生 产生 大量的 粉尘和烟气, 直接对大气层造成污染,同时影响了工人生产的效率, 锅炉除尘 设备 就是把锅炉中的粉尘从烟气中分离出来, 锅炉 源头的捕捉、收集和净化, 从而减少粉尘污染并且有利于进一步对烟气进行脱硫、脱硝等处理 During the combustion of boiler fuel, a large amount of smoke will be generated during the combustion process, which will directly produce a large amount of dust and smoke, which will directly pollute the atmosphere and affect the efficiency of workers. The gas is separated and captured, collected and purified from the boiler source, thereby reducing dust pollution and facilitating further desulfurization and denitration treatment of the flue gas . 锅炉除尘器可以分为以下几列: The current boiler dust collectors in the market can be divided into the following columns:

锅炉布袋除尘器 1 : Boiler bag filter

Boiler bag dust collectors, also known as bag dust collectors, bag dust collectors, and bag dust collectors, are the most mature types of dust removal equipment available in China. Non-fibrous dust. Boiler bag filter adopts the divided-chamber air-stop pulse injection dust removal technology, which avoids the disadvantages of conventional pulsed dust collector and divided-chamber reverse blow dust collector. It has strong dust removal ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, low air leakage rate, and low energy consumption. , Less steel consumption.

锅炉 布袋除尘器 是一种处理风量大,消灰效果好、运行安全可靠的单元组合式除尘设备。 Yuchen Industrial Dedusting Equipment Boiler Bag Dust Collector is a unit combined dust removal equipment with large air volume, good ash removal effect, and safe and reliable operation. It is widely used in the dust collection and material recovery of flue gas from boilers, furnaces, and waste incineration in the power, metallurgy, building materials, and chemical industries.

电炉除尘器 2 : Electric furnace dust collector

是目前国内处理电炉烟尘的除尘设备,是根据电炉产生的烟尘具有细且粘的特点,为了使袋式除尘器在适当的阻力水平下正常运行,要求 电炉除尘器 具有较强的清灰能力,因此除尘设备选用了长袋低压大型脉冲袋式除尘器。 Electric furnace dust collector is the current domestic dust removal equipment for electric furnace dust. It is based on the thin and sticky characteristics of the smoke generated by the electric furnace. In order for the bag dust collector to operate normally at an appropriate resistance level, the electric furnace dust collector must have a strong cleaning effect. Ash capacity, so the dust removal equipment selected long bag low pressure large pulse bag type dust collector. This kind of equipment has achieved good results in the application of electric furnace steelmaking, blast furnace coal injection, sintering, refractory, carbon black, cement and other industries.

3 : Desulfurization and dust collector

一般为湿式脱硫除尘器,湿式脱硫除尘有水膜脱硫除尘,冲击水浴脱硫除尘等,它主要的是一种控制二氧化硫排放的技术,除尘器不仅能脱除烟气中的二氧化硫,并能生产出高附加值的硫酸氨化肥产品。 Desulfurization and dust removal are generally wet desulfurization and dust removal, wet desulfurization and dust removal include water film desulfurization and dust removal, impact water bath desulfurization and dust removal, etc. It is mainly a technology to control sulfur dioxide emissions. The dust collector can not only remove sulfur dioxide in flue gas, but also Can produce high value-added ammonia sulfate fertilizer products. 操作相对简单、方便,维修量极少,易于操作、管理、维护,运行率高,适应各种不同的工作环境。 The desulfurization and dust collector's washing-type working principle, high efficiency of dust removal and desulfurization, capture of harmful gases , relatively simple and convenient operation, minimal maintenance, easy operation, management, maintenance, high operation rate, and adapt to various working environments.

高炉除尘设备 4 : Blast furnace dust removal equipment

The dust collection of small and medium blast furnaces has been successfully performed with bag dust collection, which has laid a foundation for the use of blast furnace dust removal equipment on large blast furnaces. However, large-scale blast furnace gas production is large. If the size of the box for the dry dust removal of small and medium-sized blast furnaces is also adopted, the number of boxes must be doubled to achieve the same dust removal efficiency .

小型锅炉除尘器 5 : Small boiler dust collector

一般是指小型陶瓷多管旋风除尘器或是小型布袋除尘器, 小型锅炉除尘器 有耐高温、抗腐蚀的优势。 Small boiler dust collector generally refers to small ceramic multi-tube cyclone dust collector or small bag dust collector. Small boiler dust collector has the advantages of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. 95% 以上,除尘器本体阻力低于 900Pa 以下,用现有的锅炉引风机就能保证锅炉正常工作。 The small boiler dust collector is an efficient dust removal equipment, with a dust removal efficiency of more than 95% , and the resistance of the dust collector body is less than 900Pa . The existing boiler induced draft fan can ensure the normal operation of the boiler. , 70% 负荷时,除尘效率在 94% 以上。 The load adaptability of the small boiler dust collector is better . At 70% load, the dust removal efficiency is above 94% .

6mm ,因此有较好的耐磨性能。 The cyclone in the small boiler dust collector is made of cast iron or ceramics, and the thickness is greater than 6mm , so it has good wear resistance. Small boiler dust collector is an ideal equipment for industrial boiler flue gas dust removal and other dust management.

小型燃煤锅炉除尘器 6 : Small coal-fired boiler dust collector

是我国目前燃煤、燃油锅炉、水煤浆锅炉、窑炉、冶金、化工行业的酸雾净化、火电厂、水泥厂等可选用、最理想的环保产品 . 燃料以稻壳 , 锯末 , 木材 , 煤炭等锅炉的脱硫除尘和粉尘除尘 . 以及各种窑炉的除尘脱硫。 The small-scale coal-fired boiler dust collector is the most ideal environmental protection product for coal-fired, oil-fired boilers, coal-water slurry boilers, furnaces, metallurgy, chemical industries, acid mist purification, thermal power plants, cement plants, etc. Desulfurization and dust removal of shell , sawdust , wood , coal and other boilers. Dust removal and desulfurization of various kiln.

采用国内先进复合材料玻璃钢树脂 , 耐腐蚀 , 耐磨程度高 , 使用寿命长 , 多功能一体化 , 占地面积小 , 安装简便 , 不增加任何动力 , 阻力小 , 耗水少 , 喷淋系统采用不锈钢 304 材质解决了耐腐蚀 , 耐高温 , 耐磨损等问题 , 比较完善地解决了湿式脱硫除尘器设备存在的一些实际使用问题 . Yuchen Industrial Dedusting Equipment adopts domestic advanced composite glass fiber reinforced plastic resin , corrosion resistance , high wear resistance , long service life , multifunctional integration , small footprint , easy installation , no added power , low resistance, and low water consumption . The spraying system uses stainless steel 304 material to solve the problems of corrosion resistance , high temperature resistance , wear resistance , etc. , and more completely solves some practical use problems of wet desulfurization dust collector equipment .

7: Coal-fired boiler dust collector

专门用于各种大中小型燃煤锅炉的废气处理,对含硫,高温高湿气体的处理能力强。 The coal-fired boiler dust collector is specially used for the exhaust gas treatment of various large, medium and small coal-fired boilers, and has a strong ability to deal with sulfur, high temperature and high humidity gas. 燃煤锅炉除尘器 内部做防腐处理,滤袋耐酸碱,抗高温,防水,骨架经有机硅处理,处理能力强,占地面积小,过滤风速高,滤袋使用寿命长,过滤精度高,正常使用情况下排放浓度可达到 30mg/m3 以下。 Yuchen Industrial Dedusting Equipment Coal-fired Boiler Dust Collector has anti-corrosion treatment inside. The filter bag is acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, waterproof, and the framework is treated with silicone. It has strong processing capacity, small area, high filtering wind speed and long service life. With high filtration accuracy, the emission concentration can reach below 30mg / m3 under normal use . 24 个月,设备自动化水平高,在线检测及维修,操作简单,是近几年燃煤锅炉废气处理的首选。 The filter bag can be used for 24 consecutive months. The equipment has a high level of automation, online detection and maintenance, and simple operation. It is the first choice for coal-fired boiler exhaust gas treatment in recent years. At present, coal-fired boilers account for the vast majority in the power and heating industries. Electrostatic precipitator is basically used for dust removal of coal-fired boilers.

中频炉除尘器 8 : Intermediate frequency furnace dust collector

是专门处理中频炉炼钢烟气的耐高温布袋除尘器。 Intermediate frequency furnace dust collector is a high-temperature resistant bag filter specially used for processing steelmaking flue gas of intermediate frequency furnace. 占地面积小,处理风量大,全自动控制,不用专人看管与操作,一次投资小,运行费用低,是中小型炼钢企业理想的除尘设备。 The IF furnace dust collector has a small footprint, large processing air volume, fully automatic control, and does not require special care and operation. It has a small investment and low operating costs.

中频炉除尘器具有如下特点:除尘效率高,除尘效率可高达 99% 以上; 适应性强,能处理不同类型的粉尘颗粒物,处理容量也可大可小; 操作弹性大,入口气体含尘浓度在变化较大时,对除尘效率影响不会大; 结构简单,使用灵活,便于回收干料,不存在污泥处理。 Yuchen industrial dust removal equipment intermediate frequency furnace dust collector has the following characteristics:high dust removal efficiency, dust removal efficiency can be as high as 99% or more; strong adaptability, can handle different types of dust particles, processing capacity can also be large or small; operating flexibility When the concentration of dust in the inlet gas changes greatly, it will not have a great impact on the dust removal efficiency. ④ The structure is simple, the use is flexible, it is easy to recycle dry materials, and there is no sludge treatment.

电弧炉除尘器 9 : Electric arc furnace dust collector

Electric arc furnace dust collector is a mature technology and reliable dust removal equipment. It has been widely used in iron and steel smelting, non-ferrous metal smelting, building materials, coal-fired power plants and other industries. , Low resistance, small footprint, etc.

电弧炉除尘器 根据电弧炉炼钢产生的高温烟气而设计的耐布袋脉冲除尘器,以其占地面积小,处理风量大,净化效率高等优势而深受用户青睐。 Yuchen Industrial Dedusting Equipment Arc Furnace Dust Collector The bag-resistant pulse dust collector designed based on the high-temperature flue gas produced by EAF steelmaking has been favored by users for its small footprint, large air volume, and high purification efficiency. This kind of equipment has been widely used in electric furnace steelmaking industry and has achieved good results. Is the ideal dust removal equipment for steelmaking enterprises.

6T 锅炉脱硫除尘器 10 : 6T boiler desulfurization dust collector

, 脱硫除尘一体化,结构紧凑,设备占地面积小,投资费用低;脱硫剂可采用纯碱-氧化钙、冲渣水-氧化镁、冲渣水-石灰或其它碱性废水; 宇晨工业除尘 6T 锅炉除尘器 系统操作简单、运行稳定、维护方便;耐腐蚀 . 适应能力强 . 本厂生产的锅炉除尘器适应于大、中、小型各种锅炉、窑炉,也适应于硅铁炉、硅钙炉等烟尘浓度高,锯末燃料锅炉,秸秆燃料锅炉,木材燃料锅炉难于治理的烟气。 6T boiler dust collector technical features , integrated desulfurization and dust removal, compact structure, small equipment footprint, low investment costs; desulfurizing agents can use soda ash-calcium oxide, slag water-magnesium oxide, slag water-lime or other alkaline Wastewater; Yuchen Industrial Dedusting 6T Boiler Dust Collector System has simple operation, stable operation and convenient maintenance; corrosion resistance . Strong adaptability . The boiler dust collector produced by our factory is suitable for large, medium and small boilers and kiln In the ferrosilicon furnace, silicon-calcium furnace and other high dust concentration, sawdust fuel boiler, straw fuel boiler, wood fuel boiler difficult to control the flue gas.

20T 锅炉除尘器 11 : 20T boiler dust collector

20T boiler dust collector is suitable for dust removal, smoke removal and desulfurization. It has the characteristics of low resistance, flexible installation and layout, high desulfurization efficiency and long service life. 锅炉除尘器 是锅炉及工业生产中常用的配套设备。 Yuchen Industrial Dust Removal 20T Boiler Dust Collector is an auxiliary equipment commonly used in boilers and industrial production. The function of the boiler dust collector is to remove the particulate smoke and dust in the boiler fuel and combustion exhaust gas, thereby greatly reducing the amount of smoke and dust discharged into the atmosphere. This is an important environmental protection device to improve environmental pollution and improve air quality.

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