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How to choose dust removal equipment? Dust removal equipment price

Where there is industrial manufacturing, it will cause pollution to the environment. Dust removal equipment is really important for the industrial manufacturing industry. So choosing what kind of dust removal equipment has become a top priority for manufacturers.

At present, China has a huge demand for bag dust collectors . Dust removal filters, especially high temperature resistant fiber filters, have broad market development prospects. 除尘效率高,处理风量的范围广,结构简单,维护操作方便,不会造成二次污染,便于回收干料等性能,在国内外的应用越来越广等突出优点,正越来越受市场的青睐。 Bag dust collectors have high comprehensive performance, high dust removal efficiency, wide range of air volume, simple structure, convenient maintenance and operation, will not cause secondary pollution, and are easy to recover dry materials. They are more and more widely used at home and abroad and other outstanding advantages. Is becoming more and more popular in the market.

,布袋除尘器价格混乱、差别太大 。 However, many manufacturers report that the price of bag filter is chaotic and the difference is too big . ? 下面,就让宇晨工业除尘从布袋除尘器几个组件来科普一下布袋除尘器价格差异之所在。 The same are all bag dust collectors. Why is the price difference so big ? Below, let Yuchen Industrial Dust Collect the bag dust collectors from several components to popularize the price differences of the bag dust collectors .

1. Material cost

1: plate

,铁板厚度从 2.0MM-8MM 不等,按 3.0MM 铁板和 2.0 铁板来算, 2.0 铁板比 3.0 铁板便宜很多,大厂和小厂之分, 因设备、工艺方面的原因小作坊往往会达不到要求的板厚, 工艺上也会节约不少时间,这是个不少的差别哦! The main structure of the outer frame of the bag filter is mainly composed of the upper box, the middle box, the lower box (ash hopper), the ash cleaning system, and the ash discharge mechanism . The thickness of the iron plate ranges from 2.0MM to 8MM . Iron plates and 2.0 iron plates are counted. 2.0 iron plates are much cheaper than 3.0 iron plates. For large and small factories, due to equipment and process reasons , small workshops often fail to achieve the required plate thickness. Will save a lot of time, this is a lot of differences!

电气设备 2 : electrical equipment

设备包括脉冲阀,电动马达,电气控制箱等,在电气方面,市场五分八门,龙蛇混杂, 大厂和小厂之分差异在于品牌的选择,有实力的大厂家都会选择市场有实力的品牌,比如施耐德、西门子等知名品牌,而小的厂家报价低,在电气方面上选择也会低一点,这也是价格不一的其中原因之一。 The electrical equipment of the bag filter includes pulse valves, electric motors, electrical control boxes, etc. In terms of electrical, the market is divided into eight categories , mixed with dragons and snakes. The difference between large and small factories lies in the choice of brands. Choose strong brands in the market, such as Schneider, Siemens and other well-known brands, and small manufacturers offer lower prices, the choice of electrical aspects will be lower, which is one of the reasons for the different prices.

3 : dust bag

布袋除尘器的核心配件,直接影响了除尘器的的除尘效果, 除尘布袋有多方面的选择:阻燃、耐高温、拒水防油、抗静电、耐腐蚀、抗氧化等功能性,拿耐高温的来说, 1 个布袋市面上报价 15-40 元不等,一台布袋除尘器需要几百个布袋,所以选择布袋的好坏,在价格上的差别是非常大的! The dust bag is the core accessory of the bag dust collector, which directly affects the dust removal effect of the dust collector. There are many options for the dust bag: flame retardant, high temperature resistance, water and oil resistance, antistatic, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other functions In terms of high temperature resistance, the price of a bag on the market ranges from 15-40 yuan. A bag filter requires hundreds of bags, so the choice of the bag is very different in price!

Process cost

一整套生产设备也 20 30 万块钱 ,而大的 除尘厂家一台开料的激光切割机就达到 40 50 万块钱 ,这种投资并不是因为大的 除尘厂家有钱,而是在开料制作方面 切割精度 的确不在同一个档次上,而且这仅仅是一台设备的比较,还有其他的若干设备呢? A complete set of production equipment for small dust removal manufacturers will cost 200,000 to 300,000 yuan , while a large dust removal manufacturer will open a laser cutting machine for 400,000 to 500,000 yuan . This investment is not because large dust removal manufacturers have Money, but the cutting accuracy is really not the same grade in the production of materials , and this is just a comparison of one device, there are several other devices?

除尘厂家设备齐全,小的除尘厂家往往是自己生产主机,其他配件在外面采购回来,比如弯头,螺旋网管等配件,而大的除尘厂家提供一条龙服务,主机配件等全部由自己生产。 There are large dust removal manufacturers with complete equipment, small dust removal manufacturers often produce their own mainframes, and other accessories are purchased outside, such as elbows, spiral network management and other accessories, while large dust removal manufacturers provide one-stop services. self-produce.

Therefore, large dust removal manufacturers invest large, small manufacturers invest small! Who produces good products? Works well? 成本无疑就更高了。 In order to achieve good quality and good results, all aspects of the hardware must first meet the standards, so that products that meet the standards can be produced, and the cost is undoubtedly higher.

售后 服务 Installation and after-sales service

This is actually very simple. Different levels of installation teams, different warranty periods, and costs are not the same. 10 年的队伍和安装经验只有 1 年的队伍,你选哪个 ? 肯定是选 10 年安装经验的队伍吧 ! 如果两个队伍薪水相同,那 10 年经验的安装队伍还怎么混呢 ? 而质保时长更好理解了,越长时间的质保承诺,意味着商家要承担相对越大的风险,就像保险一样,那自然成本也高了。 For example, a team with 10 years of installation experience and a team with only 1 year of installation experience , which one do you choose ? Definitely choose a team with 10 years of installation experience ! If the two teams have the same salary, what about the installation team with 10 years of experience? What about it ? And the duration of the warranty is better understood. The longer the warranty commitment, the longer the merchant has to bear the relatively greater risk. Just like insurance, the natural cost is also higher.

Seeing this, I believe that you now have a clear understanding of the price difference between dust removal equipment prices. As the saying goes: orange raw Huainan is orange.合适 二字。 After all, the best choice is not the word " suitable ." 除尘设备 ,要根据自身的实际情况选择。 What price of dust removal equipment to buy in the end should be selected according to its actual situation.

“能耗+ 耗材 ”问题,同时也要关注该设备的防爆设备是不是达标,合格! Here is a warm reminder from Yuchen Industrial Dust Removal: When selecting the dust removal equipment, you must also pay attention to the "energy consumption + consumables " of the equipment, and also pay attention to whether the explosion-proof equipment of the equipment has reached the standard and qualified!

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