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Environmental testing requirements for dust collector equipment manufacturers


The dust removal system of the dust collector equipment manufacturer must meet the following environmental protection testing requirements:

除尘器外排放执行大气污染物综合排放标准 GB16297—1996 粉尘最高允许排放浓度: ≤50mg/m 3 1. The discharge outside the dust collector shall comply with the comprehensive emission standard for air pollutants GB16297-1996. The maximum allowable emission concentration of dust: ≤50mg / m 3 .

工业企业噪声卫生标准:除尘器系统噪声 : ≤85分贝。 2. Industrial enterprise noise hygiene standard: dust collector system noise : ≤85dB.

除尘器系统的漏风量 <3%。 3. The air leakage of the dust collector system is <3%.

除尘器壳体采用 3mm厚钢板制作;花板采用5.0mm钢板制作,风管采用螺旋风管。 4. The dust collector housing is made of 3mm thick steel plate; the flower plate is made of 5.0mm steel plate, and the air pipe is a spiral air pipe.

为保证除尘系统严密,管件可以法兰连接,也可以焊接连接,焊接连接时风管与角(扁)钢法兰采用连续满焊;采用法兰连接时对高温管道,法兰间应加垫 S=3mm厚石棉橡胶板;对常温管道,法兰间加垫S=3mm厚橡胶板;对通风系统,风管与法兰采用焊接或翻边铆接,管件的安装方法同上。 5. In order to ensure the dedusting system is tight, the pipe fittings can be flanged or welded. When welding, the air pipe and the angle (flat) steel flange are continuously welded. When the flange connection is used, high temperature pipes and flanges should be connected. Add pads S = 3mm thick asbestos rubber sheet; for normal temperature pipes, add pads S = 3mm thick rubber sheet between flanges; for ventilation system, the air pipe and flange are welded or flanged riveted, the installation method of pipe fittings is the same as above.

6. Installed air pipes and brackets must not hinder the operation of the main equipment.

7. The shelf life of the dust collector equipment is one year.

除尘效率检测方法,在除尘器前抽样(应邀方在制造中应留抽样孔必须在直管处距弯头 1米靠近维修平台的地方)与在除尘器出口处抽样(制造中留抽样孔)进行比较。 8.Dust removal efficiency detection method, sampling before the dust collector (the invited party should leave the sampling hole in the manufacturing process must be 1 meter away from the elbow near the maintenance platform in the straight pipe ) and sampling at the outlet of the dust collector (retain sampling during manufacturing) Well). It should reach 99.5%.

9. Filter material is anti-static polyester needle felt.

10. When the dust collector equipment system is manufactured, it shall have an inspection platform, ascending and descending stairs, and guardrails, and its manufacturing shall comply with the latest national standards.

11. The invited party is responsible for the knowledge training related to the operation, repair, maintenance and other equipment.

12. The anti-dust removal and dust removal of the dust collector is automatically controlled, and the back-flushing time and interval time are adjustable.

13. All paint rust-proof surfaces should be surface treated before painting, and then paint after the surface is free of impurities. Double-layer acrylic car paint is used inside and outside the dust collector housing, and the oil is on the bottom side. The paint film is uniform and does not accumulate. , Missing coating, no wrinkles, bubbles, mixed colors, etc.

14. Ducts of dust collector equipment systems should be provided with duct inspection holes in the ash collection area. The duct inspection holes should be used as dust cleaning windows. They must be easily opened and closed, and there should be no leakage when closed. According to the situation on the site, an overhaul platform is set up, and the production of platform steel ladders and guardrails is based on "Workbench steel ladders and guardrails".

系统配置 15. System configuration

16. The brand name of air switch and contactor is Chint brand.

17. The low-voltage electrical appliances use the Chint brand.

喷吹控制采用 PLC 控制。 18.Blowing control adopts PLC control.

直流控制电压采用 DC24V ,留有充分余量;交流控制电压采用 AC220V 36V ,所有电磁铁电源采用 DC24V 19. The DC control voltage of the dust collector is DC24V , with sufficient margin; the AC control voltage is AC220V or 36V , and all electromagnet power supplies are DC24V .

20. The equipment has manual, automatic (cyclic) working modes.

电机主回路配置空气开关和交流接触器,空气开关起到短路保护和过载保护作用。 21. The main circuit of the motor is equipped with an air switch and an AC contactor. The air switch provides short circuit protection and overload protection. 控制功能 7.15 Control Functions

电气控制系统要有完善的短路保护、过流保护、过载保护、失压保护和接地故障保护功能。 23. The electrical control system must have perfect short circuit protection, over current protection, overload protection, voltage loss protection and ground fault protection.

24. The power circuit is provided with a main contactor to switch on or off the working power of the action actuator.

25. Equipment control requires convenient and safe operation. A manual operation button box (the button box must be made of metal material) is located far from the operation cabinet to facilitate equipment adjustment and maintenance. Under normal circumstances, each operation button box is provided with an emergency stop button.

26. Electrical construction and installation of dust collector equipment

电气箱、柜、板都要符合电气设计安装规范要求,落地安装的箱、柜底面需高出地面 50 100 ㎜。 27. Electrical boxes, cabinets, and boards must meet the requirements of electrical design and installation specifications. The floor of boxes and cabinets installed on the floor must be 50 to 100 higher than the ground . The installation height of the suspended electric box must consider the convenience of maintenance.

电气柜(箱)选用标准防外物、防尘、防淋型优质电箱。 28. The electrical cabinet (box) is selected from standard foreign objects, dustproof and anti-leaching type high-quality electrical boxes. IP67 ;室内电气柜(箱)防护等级要求 IP54 以上。 The protection level of the electrical cabinet (box), operation buttons and handles on the site is IP67 ; the protection level of the indoor electrical cabinet (box) requires IP54 or higher. Install solid and reliable sealing gaskets and door locks on the electric box door; there is a data pocket inside the electric cabinet door.

电箱内配电板采用板前线槽走线,电气元件布局合理,要保证允许的最小距离,优先选用卡轨、或插装座的安装元部件,所有电气元件均可独立拆装,以便快速更换。 29. The power distribution board in the electrical box is routed in front of the board. The electrical components are arranged reasonably. To ensure the minimum allowable distance, it is preferred to use the mounting elements of the card rail or the plug-in seat. For quick replacement. There should be some spare space in the electrical box. 220V 380V 的插座,插座电源经断路器直接接入车间电网,不受设备总电源空气开关的限制,以方便维修。 Electrical cabinets (boxes) shall be installed with 220V and 380V sockets respectively. The socket power is directly connected to the workshop power grid through a circuit breaker, and is not restricted by the equipment's main power air switch to facilitate maintenance. 200mm The minimum distance between the bottom wiring row and the bottom of the cabinet is 200mm .

30. Each electric box is equipped with a fluorescent lamp, which will go out automatically when the door is closed. Lighting power cords are not allowed to use the metal of the shell as a current-carrying conductor to conduct electricity after only one phase wire is connected.

保证电箱的温升控制在满足电箱内元件安全、可靠工作的范围内,根据电箱满负荷工作时的发热情况,配套完备的散热、降温措施。 31. Ensure that the temperature rise of the electrical box is controlled within the range that satisfies the safe and reliable operation of the components inside the electrical box. According to the heating situation of the electrical box at full load, complete cooling and cooling measures are provided. 雷博牌空调降温 ) ( Leibo brand air-conditioning cooling )

电缆转接要设分线盒,动力线原则上不得有中间接头,不设分线盒。 32. A cable junction box must be provided for the cable transfer. In principle, there must be no intermediate connector for the power line and no cable junction box. 5% 的备用线并标出备用线号。 Each cable (line) is marked with a standard line code or aluminum label. The line number is the same as the drawing. Reserve 5% of the reserved line and mark the reserved line number. Power cables and control cables (including communication cables) should be routed separately, and strong and weak current lines should be separated, and they should not be routed in the same trunking.

33. The metal hard pipe or sheath protection for the wiring between electrical equipment and components requires a certain pressure and corrosion resistance. The wiring should be avoided to the greatest extent possible due to the metal liquid.

接地(零)线符合安全标准,保证接地良好,接地线容量足够。 34. The ground (zero) line complies with safety standards, ensuring good grounding and sufficient capacity of the grounding line. PE 黄绿双色接地线要连接可靠,如箱、柜门上有电器元件时,需将门与箱、柜壳体用多股铜芯 PE 黄绿双色接地导线来连接。 The PE yellow-green two-color ground wire of the metal cabinet must be connected reliably. For example, when there are electrical components on the box and cabinet door, the door and the cabinet must be connected by multiple strands of copper core PE yellow-green two-color ground wire. PE 黄绿双色接地线若明设时,应选用≥ 4 平方的铜芯线,不许使用铝芯线。 If the PE yellow-green two-color ground wire of the equipment is installed, a copper core wire of 4 square should be used , and an aluminum core wire is not allowed. 黄绿双色接地线若暗设时(随穿线管接入设备本体)应选用≥ 2.5 平方的铜芯线,接线处外部应有接地标志。 If the PE yellow-green two-color grounding wire is concealed (connected to the body of the pipe with the conduit), a copper core wire of 2.5 square should be used , and the grounding mark should be external to the connection. 线不许搭接或串联,接线间不得涂漆或加绝缘垫。 PE wires must not be overlapped or connected in series, and the wiring compartment must not be painted or insulated.

35. All electrical equipment should be marked with instructions. The signs are made of aluminum and fixed with rivets.


产品制造、安装、验收执行环保监测的标准,做到完工时清场,施工文明,定期检查,消除一切安全隐患。 Yuchen Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.'s dust collector equipment manufacturers implement environmental protection monitoring standards for product manufacturing, installation, and acceptance, to clear the field when completed, civilized construction, and regular inspections to eliminate all potential safety hazards.

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