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Selection and installation of dust removal equipment

Many companies do not know how to select and install dust removal equipment when selecting dust removal equipment. Let us take a look at how to select and install dust removal equipment .


是由许多各个小组件组成的,其各个小组件包括吸尘装置、净化装置、输气装置、风机、消声和减振装置、粉尘运送装置等。 The dust removal equipment is composed of many small components, each of which includes a dust suction device, a purification device, a gas transmission device, a fan, a noise reduction and vibration damping device, a dust transportation device, and the like. If it is high temperature smoke, it should be equipped with flue gas cooling and cooling equipment, pipeline compensation equipment, etc. Each device also often includes accessory devices and several small devices.


The selection and installation functions of dust removal equipment are described as follows:


: 除尘 风管运送带有粉尘的空气和空气中的污染物的各种风管和风道的名称。 Meaning of dust removal equipment : The name of the various air ducts and ducts that carry dust air and pollutants in the air.

1: Ventilation duct made of materials such as thin steel plate, aluminum plate, rigid polyvinyl chloride plate and glass fiber reinforced plastic

2: Ventilation duct made of building materials such as stone brick, concrete, gypsum board and wood.

总管通风机进出口与体系合流或分流处之间的通风管段。 3: The duct section between the inlet and outlet of the main duct fan and the system where the system meets or is diverted.

干管衔接若干支管的合流或分流的骨干通风管道。 4: The main pipe is a backbone ventilation pipe that joins or merges several branches.

支管通风干管与送风口、吸风口或排风罩、吸尘罩等衔接的管段。 5: The branch pipe ventilation trunk pipe is connected to the air outlet, air inlet or exhaust hood, dust hood, etc.

集合管聚集各并联支管、干管的横截面较大的直管段。 6: The collecting pipe gathers straight pipe sections with large cross sections of parallel branch pipes and trunk pipes.


厂吸气吸尘罩 Dust extraction equipment factory dust suction hood

1 )部分排风罩部分排风体系中,设置在有害物质发生源处,就地捕集和操控有害物质的通风部件。 ( 1 ) Part of the exhaust hood and part of the exhaust system, installed at the source of harmful substances, ventilation components to capture and control harmful substances on the spot.

2 )外部吸气罩设在污染源邻近,依托罩口的抽吸效果,在操控点处形成一定的风速,排除有害物质的部分排风罩。 ( 2 ) The external suction hood is located near the pollution source. Depending on the suction effect of the hood, a certain wind speed is formed at the control point, and some exhaust hoods that exclude harmful substances.

3 )承受式排风罩设在污染源邻近,使用出产进程中污染气流的本身运动承受和扫除有害物质的部分排风罩。 ( 3 ) The bearing type exhaust hood is located near the pollution source, and the part of the exhaust hood that uses the movement of the polluted air during production to withstand and remove harmful substances is used. Such as the umbrella cover on the upper part of the high-temperature heat source, the dust cover of the grinding machine, etc.

4 )密 封罩将有害的物质密闭在集罩内的部分排风罩。 ( 4 ) Sealing hood Part of the exhaust hood that seals harmful substances in the collecting hood. Can be divided into the following types:


①Partially closed hood, only part of the process equipment that releases harmful substances is partially closed.

② The entire airtight hood, the exhaust hood that closes most or all of the equipment that releases harmful substances;

③Large-volume airtight hood, exhaust air hood that completely seals the entire equipment or related process that releases harmful substances in a large range.

5 )排风柜一种三面固挡,一面打开或装有操作拉门的柜式排风罩。 ( 5 ) Exhaust cabinet A cabinet-type exhaust hood that is fixed on three sides and opened on one side or equipped with an operating sliding door.

6 )伞形罩装在污染源上面的伞状排风翠 ( 6 ) Umbrella-shaped exhaust ventilator installed above the pollution source

7 )侧吸罩设置在污染源旁边面的排风罩。 ( 7 ) The side suction hood is set on the exhaust hood next to the pollution source.

8 )槽边排罩沿槽边设置的平口或条缝式吸风口。 ( 8 ) The slot side exhaust cover is a flat mouth or a slot-type air inlet provided along the edge of the slot. There are three types of single-sided, double-sided and ring-shaped fluted hoods.

9 )吹吸式排风罩使用吹吸气流的联合效果操控有害物质分散的部分排风罩。 ( 9 ) Blow-suction type exhaust hood uses the combined effect of blowing and suction airflow to control part of the exhaust hood where harmful substances are dispersed.


用于捕集、分离悬浮于空气或气体中粉尘粒子的设备,也称集尘设备 Dedusting equipment Equipment for capturing and separating dust particles suspended in air or gas, also called dust collection equipment

沉降室由于含尘气流进入较大空间速度突然降低,使尘粒在自身重力作用下与气体分 1 : Due to the dust-laden airflow entering the large space, the speed of the sedimentation chamber suddenly decreases, so that the dust particles are separated from the gas under its own gravity.

惯性除尘器借助各种形式的挡板,迫使气流方向改变,利用尘粒的惯性使其与挡板发离的 : 装置生碰撞面将尘粒分离和捕集的除尘器,又称挡板除尘器。 2: The inertial dust collector uses various types of baffles to force the direction of the air flow to change. The inertia of the dust particles makes them separate from the baffles : the dust collector that separates and captures the dust particles by the collision surface of the device. Plate duster.

多管(旋风)除尘器由若干较小直径的旋风分离器并联组成一体的,具有共同的进出分离和捕集的除尘器 3: The multi-tube (cyclone) dust collector is composed of a number of smaller diameter cyclone separators connected in parallel, and has a common dust collector for separation and capture .

用纤维性滤袋捕集粉尘的除尘器,也称布袋过滤器。 4: Bag filter Dust collector with fiber filter bag to collect dust, also called bag filter.

颗粒层除尘器以石英、砾石等颗粒状材料作过滤层的除尘器。 5 : Granular layer dust collector The dust collector with granular materials such as quartz and gravel as the filter layer.

:静电除尘器由电晕极和集尘极及其他构件组成,在高压电场作用下,使含尘气流中的粒口和集尘斗的除尘器。 6 :: The electrostatic precipitator is composed of a corona pole, a dust collecting pole and other components. Under the action of a high-voltage electric field, the dust mouth of the dust-containing air stream and the dust collector of the dust collecting bucket.

7    湿式除尘器借含尘气体与液滴或液膜的接触、撞击等作用,使尘粒从气流中分离出来子荷电并被吸引、捕集到集尘极上的除尘器 : Wet type dust collector uses the contact and impact of dust-containing gas with liquid droplets or liquid films to separate the dust particles from the airflow, which is charged and attracted to the dust collector.


: 水膜除尘器。 8 :: Water film dust collector. 设备。 Dust-containing gas enters from the air inlet of the lower part of the cylinder in a tangential direction and rotates to rise, so that the dust particles are thrown to the inner wall of the cylinder by the centrifugal force, and at the same time are trapped by the water film flowing down the inner wall of the cylinder, and are collected from the lower part. Cone discharge equipment.

: 泡沫除尘器,含尘气流以一定流速自下而上通过筛板上的泡沫层而获得净化的一种除尘捕集的湿式除尘器。 9 :: Foam dust collector, a dust-collecting wet dust collector with dust-containing airflow passing through the foam layer on the sieve plate from bottom to top at a certain flow rate.

: 冲激式除尘器。 10 :: Impulse dust collector. S 形通道,激起大量水花和液滴,使微细粉尘与水雾充分混合、 接触的一种湿式除尘设备。 After entering into the cylinder, the dust-laden airflow turns downward and hits the liquid surface, and some coarse dust particles directly settle in the mud hopper, and then the dust-laden airflow passes through the S -shaped channel at high speed , arousing a large number of water droplets and droplets, making fine dust and water mist A wet dust removal equipment that is fully mixed and contacted.

文丘里除尘器。 11: Venturi dust collector. A dust collector composed of a venturi tube and a droplet separator. A wet dust removal device that is trapped when the dust-containing gas passes through the throat at high speed makes the droplets sprayed by the nozzle further atomize and continuously hits the dust particles, and then breaks the air film around the dust particles, so that the fine particles are aggregated into Dust-containing droplets with a larger particle diameter are separated and captured after entering the separator, and the dust-containing gas is purified, which is also called a Venturi scrubber.

筛板除尘器。 12: Sieve plate dust collector. 使粉尘和有害的物质被吸收的一种净化设备。 The cylinder is provided with several layers of sieve plates, and the gas passes through the liquid layer of the sieve plates from bottom to top, and a kind of purification equipment that absorbs dust and harmful substances by bubbling gas .

泡沫除尘器、含尘气流以一定流速自下面上通过筛板上的泡沫层面获得净化的一种除使粉尘和有害物质被吸收的净化设备尘器一种将机械能转变为气体的势能和动能,用于输送空气及其混合物的动力机械 13: Foam dust collector, dust-containing air stream is purified at a certain flow rate from below through the foam layer on the sieve plate, a purification device that removes dust and harmful substances, and a potential energy that converts mechanical energy into gas. Kinetic energy, power machinery used to transport air and its mixtures .


, 每年定时回访客户 , 明白客户在使用操作中所呈现的问题;帮助客户训练保护保养人员;我司 除尘设备 有各种配件,便利及时服务我们的客户;我司供给现场装置需求的专用工具 . 我们将为用户供给免费的操作保护和训练。 After our company determines the selection and installation of the dust removal equipment, we will implement a life-long repair and maintenance system, and establish customer files for customers , visit customers regularly every year to understand the problems presented by customers during operation; help customers train and protect maintenance personnel; I The company's dust removal equipment has various accessories to facilitate the timely service of our customers; our company provides special tools for field device needs . We will provide users with free operation protection and training. When the customer tells us that the company wants to carry out production, our company will arrange experienced engineers to conduct on-site trial operation and provide comprehensive training and guidance. 除尘设备 发现任何问题,我们满足客户的要求,工程师将在 24 小时内抵达。 During the warranty period, if any problem is found in the dust removal equipment , we meet the customer's requirements, and the engineer will arrive within 24 hours.

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