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Development history of bag dust removal equipment

以上,运转保护保养起来便利,适用广泛,可应用于五金重工、家具木匠、铸造厂、发电厂、化工药品厂、炼钢发电、机械加工、金属打磨抛光车间等范畴, 今天我们就来说说 袋式除尘 设备的发展历程! Bag-type dust removal equipment is a kind of separate-room reverse blow dust removal equipment. The filter power of the dust removal equipment can reach more than 99% . It is convenient to operate and maintain. It is widely applicable to hardware heavy industry, furniture carpenter, foundry, power generation Factories, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, steelmaking power generation, mechanical processing, metal grinding and polishing workshops, etc. Today we will talk about the development process of bag dust removal equipment!



设备的发展历程如下: The development of bag dust removal equipment is as follows:

  设备 的关键在于清灰,清灰作用决定袋式除尘器甚至整个体系的胜败。 The key of bag dust removal equipment is dust removal. The dust removal effect determines the success of the bag dust collector and even the entire system. Therefore, the weak dust remover such as anti-air blower has receded from the climax of its application, while the pulse bag type dust collector characterized by strong dust removes the defects of traditional pulse dust removal, and its dust removal can be strong. Traits are more outstanding than traditional skills. 6m 或更多),占地面积少,设备阻力小,清灰所需气源压力低,动力少,工作牢靠,修理工作量小等,杜绝了弱清灰类除尘器普遍存在的阻力过高现象,在各行业取得日益广泛的运用。 Its advantages are: filter bag length ( 6m or more), less floor space, small equipment resistance, low air pressure required for cleaning, low power, reliable work, small amount of repairs, etc., eliminating weak cleaning Excessive resistance of dust collectors is widely used in various industries.
    The filter bag interface skills of the host have made great progress, so that the dust removal power has been further improved. 50mg/Nm3 已是普遍现象,低于 10mg/Nm3 范围内也非稀有。 The emission concentration of bag filter in our country is lower than 50mg / Nm3, which is a common phenomenon, and it is not rare in the range below 10mg / Nm3 . 1 2 个数量级。 In the past, the fixed bag method of banding or bolting was used, and there was leakage in the filter bag interface, which caused the dust removal power of the dust collector to differ from the filter material by 1 to 2 orders of magnitude. The new fixing method is to strictly control the pocket hole of the flower plate and the processing scale of the pocket mouth. The elastic element is used to embed the groove on the outside of the pocket mouth into the pocket hole. .



What are the structural characteristics of bag dust removal equipment?


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The structure of the bag type dust removal equipment is composed of the main box body, the lower ash hopper, the air inlet and outlet ducts and the opening valve, the ash cleaning device, the maintenance ladder and the reverse blow ash cleaning device.


:主箱体:分成滤袋室、花板、检修台、检修门、布袋及和挂装置等等。 1 : Main box: It is divided into filter bag room, flower plate, maintenance table, maintenance door, bag and hanging device, etc. The filter bag chamber of the positive pressure dust collector is an open structure. There is no partition between the filter bag chambers. The wall of the box is assembled by colored profiled plates. The structure of the filter bag room of the negative pressure type dust collector is strict, and it is made of steel plates. The flower board of the dust removal equipment is provided with a filter bag connecting short tube,

  设备 大型化的趋势显着,功用达到国际先进水平。 The trend of large-scale pulse bag dust removal equipment is significant, and its function has reached the international advanced level. 100 吨电炉选用这种设备处理风量 96.7 m3/h ,排尘浓度为 8 12mg/m3 ,设备阻力低于 1200Pa ,喷吹压力 ≤0 2MPa ,清灰周期长达 75min ,运转三年多,滤袋和脉冲阀膜片没有破损,过滤面积为 11716m2 The new 100- ton electric furnace of the No. 5 Steel Plant of Shanghai Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. uses this equipment to handle an air volume of 967,000 m3 / h , a dust exhaust concentration of 8 to 12 mg / m3 , a resistance of the equipment below 1200Pa , an injection pressure of ≤0 and 2MPa , and a dedusting cycle of 75 minutes After more than three years of operation, the filter bag and the diaphragm of the pulse valve are not damaged, and the filtering area is 11716m2 . A batch of ultra-high-power electric furnaces that were subsequently constructed are also competing to choose large pulse bag dust collectors. 15880m2 ,处理风量 150 m3/h ,其经济、社会和环境效益都显着好于以往。 In recent years, large-scale pulses have been used for secondary soot management in steelmaking converters. The largest filtering area is 15880m2 and the air volume is 1.5 million m3 / h . Its economic, social and environmental benefits are significantly better than before.
    设备 在适应高含尘浓度方面完成突破,可以直接处理含尘浓度 1400g/m3 的气体,比以往进步数十倍,并合格排放。 The bag-type dust removal equipment has made a breakthrough in adapting to the high dust concentration, and can directly handle the gas with a dust concentration of 1400g / m3 , which is dozens of times more than before and is qualified to discharge. Therefore, many materials recovery systems throw away the original multi-stage dust collection process and replace it with first-stage dust collection. For example, based on the core skills of the long bag pulse bag dust collector, it strengthens the functions of filtering, ash cleaning and safety and explosion protection, and forms a high concentration coal dust collection skill. Wait for many companies to promote their use. 675 879g/m3 ,排尘浓度 0 59 12 2mg/m3 ,效益明显并杜绝了污染。 The measured inlet concentration is 675 to 879 g / m3 , and the dust concentration is 0 , 59 to 12 , 2 mg / m3 . The benefits are obvious and pollution is eliminated.
    反转定位反吹组织 In order to overcome the defect that the dust removal can only be thin, the reverse blow dust remover has a reverse positioning and reverse blow organization . It is mainly used for reverse-back blow flat bag dust collectors, and developed into a reverse-blown reverse blow type with sub-chambers stopped; then it is also used for reverse-blown bag-type dust collectors with a reverse position with multiple output channels. The backflush valve replaces multiple three-way switching valves, greatly reducing the amount of air leakage, which is conducive to enhancing the dust cleaning ability, and also reduces the mechanical moving parts and the corresponding repair workload. When retrofitting the online sub-chamber backflushing equipment, membrane filter materials are often used to enhance its ability to remove dust. These two skills have achieved good results in the divisional backflushing and mechanical reverse backflushing flat bag dust collectors of Shanghai Baosteel's transformation of the first, second and third phases of the project.
In recent years, the domestic steel, cement, and tobacco industries have also selected filter units such as plastic burned plates and stiffened filter media cartridges to greatly reduce the size of the equipment, facilitate installation, simple protection and maintenance, low resistance and stability, low energy consumption, and service life long. The filter material is lubricated on the outside, which solves the problems of filtering wet and fibrous and coalescing dust and difficult to clean.



设备运行中一般要注意的事项 General matters needing attention in the operation of bag dust removal equipment


:要优先采用成熟的先进技术,或经示范工程验证的新技术、新产品和新材料,奠定连续运行、安全运行的可靠性基础。 1 : Priority should be given to adopting mature advanced technologies or new technologies, new products and new materials verified by demonstration projects to lay a solid foundation for continuous and safe operation.

:具备关键备件和易耗件的供应与保障基地。 2 : Have a supply and guarantee base for key spare parts and consumable parts.

:编制工业除尘器运行规程,建立工业除尘设备有序运作的软件保障体系。 3 : Develop industrial dust collector operation regulations and establish a software guarantee system for the orderly operation of industrial dust collectors.

:培训专业技术人员和岗位工人,实施岗位工人持证上岗制度,科学组织工业除尘设备的运行、维护和管理。 4 : Training of professional and technical personnel and post workers, implementation of post workers holding certificates, scientific organization of industrial dust removal equipment operation, maintenance and management.

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袋式除尘 设备的发展历程 ,可以到宇晨除尘设备厂家的官网查询! For more development history of bag dust removal equipment , you can check on the official website of Yuchen dust removal equipment manufacturer! 袋式除尘 设备 全体员工以 “团结、拼搏、务实、创新” 为宗旨,坚持技术、质量、成套、服务的经营方针,以先进的技术、合格的产品、优秀的服务和雄厚的技术开发和生产能力在东莞、中山、广东、珠海等珠三角地区获得各各行业客户的赞许,更多宇晨 袋式除尘 设备的发展历程相关资料可致电宇晨除尘设备厂家 400-622-6298 All employees of Yuchen Bag Dedusting Equipment take "unity, hard work, pragmatism and innovation" as their tenet, adhere to the management policy of technology, quality, complete set and service, with advanced technology, qualified products, excellent service and strong technical development And production capacity in Dongguan, Zhongshan, Guangdong, Zhuhai and other Pearl River Delta regions have won praises from customers in various industries. For more information about the development history of Yuchen bag dust removal equipment, please call Yuchen dust removal equipment manufacturers at 400-622-6298 !



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