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Technical transformation plan of boiler dust removal equipment

  China's environmental protection inspectors will become the norm in the future, and the nationwide green storm is intensifying. The wood processing industry is a low-end of traditional building materials occupations, and the environmental protection of equipment is upgraded. In the meantime, the boiler is one of the important sources of smoke and dust emissions. The impact on the atmospheric environment is huge, and it has become the main point of factory renovation and supervision. Let's take a look at the technical transformation plan of the boiler dust removal equipment.


Boiler Dust Removal Equipment Technical Transformation Scheme I. Equipment composition and principle:


The wet electrostatic precipitator is generally composed of the cabinet, the gray water treatment circulation system, and the electric control system. The deposition electrode is a plate-type ribbed structure on both sides. A discharge electrode structure is arranged between the deposition electrode rows, and a horizontal structure is arranged inside the discharge electrode structure. Perhaps the electrode wire is placed vertically, and the electrode wire is a needle wire.


During operation, a high voltage is applied between the discharge electrode and the deposition electrode in the housing of the wet electrostatic precipitator, forming an uneven high-voltage electric field, and ionizing the gas therebetween to generate electrons, anions, and cations. SO2 及其他污染物凝并增湿。 When the flue gas to be processed enters an electric field full of water mist, the dust, SO2 and other pollutants in the flue gas are condensed and humidified. SO2 和污染物荷电,然后在电场力的作用下向极性相反的电极移动并沉积在电极上释放出电荷。 Because of the collision and dispersion of ions, water mist, dust, SO2 and pollutants are charged, and then move to the opposite polarity electrode under the action of electric field force and deposit on the electrode to release the charge. Regular spraying makes the captured dust flush out into the ash hopper.


The spray water for wet electrostatic precipitators is generally selected from tap water or partially recycled neutral water. The grey water collected from the ash bucket enters the recycling and reuse system. After being clarified, filtered and neutralized by adding alkali, the clean water is recycled and reused. The reused system periodically discharges a part of the wastewater and then makes up the raw water. It is then pumped into the wet electrostatic precipitator by the circulating pump for intermittent spraying.

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Technical transformation plan of boiler dust removal equipment II. Skill characteristics and advantages:


1 )除尘的功率高达 99.9% 能有用去除亚微米级颗粒、重金属、 SO3 气溶胶和石膏微液滴,对操控 PM2.5 、去除石膏雨作用杰出; ( 1 ) The dust removal power is as high as 99.9%, which can effectively remove sub-micron particles, heavy metals, SO3 aerosols and gypsum micro-droplets, and has an excellent effect on controlling PM2.5 and removing gypsum rain;

2 )去除 PM2.5 的功率高达 95%, 其排放粉尘的浓度可达 5mg/Nm3 以内。 ( 2 ) The power of removing PM2.5 is as high as 95%, and the concentration of the emitted dust can be within 5mg / Nm3 .

3 )无振打设备 , 主动构成水膜并主动进行清灰,处理了静电除尘中二次扬尘的问题; ( 3 ) Non-vibration equipment , which actively forms a water film and actively performs dust removal, and addresses the problem of secondary dust in electrostatic dust removal;

4 )电场中有很多饱满水汽,能够大幅下降粉尘比电阻,进步运转电压,因而能完成挨近零排放; ( 4 ) There are a lot of saturated water vapor in the electric field, which can greatly reduce the specific resistance of dust and improve the operating voltage, so that it can achieve near zero emissions;

5 )不受煤质、烟气工况的影响,除尘功率安稳,适用范围广; ( 5 ) It is not affected by coal quality and flue gas working conditions, the dust removal power is stable, and the application range is wide;

6 ) 耗水量很小,灰水能够不回用,排入脱硫体系,作为脱硫体系的弥补水; ( 6 ) The water consumption is very small, and the grey water can be discharged into the desulfurization system without being reused, as the make-up water of the desulfurization system;

7 )设备安置紧凑,占地面积小,出资成本低; ( 7 ) Compact equipment placement, small footprint and low capital cost;

8 )除尘设备壳体选用品牌 304 不锈钢,关键部位选用合金;电控体系选用高频变压器,客户的供电电压在 250KV 以上就能够正常运用 ( 8 ) The housing of the dust removal equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, and key parts are made of alloy; the electrical control system is made of high-frequency transformers, and the customer's power supply voltage can be used normally above 250KV

9 )进步蒸汽质量。 ( 9 ) Improve steam quality.

10 )安全性高,不会发生因闷炉等要素发生 CO 可燃气体发生的爆破(烟囱与除尘主体一体式,连通大气,烟囱即泄压口) ( 10 ) High safety, no explosion of CO combustible gas due to smelting furnace and other factors (the chimney is integrated with the main body of the dust collector, which connects the atmosphere and the chimney is the pressure relief port)

11 )节能:阻力小,风机耗电下降;改造完,关炉门焚烧,削减热量外放,然后削减燃料运用。 ( 11 ) Energy saving: small resistance and reduced fan power consumption; after the renovation, the furnace door is closed for incineration, reducing the heat release, and then reducing fuel use.

12 )供给全体处理方案:不止帮客户处理锅炉尾气除尘问题,包含针对客户现有锅炉的节能改造以及辅导客户锅炉日常运转。 ( 12 ) Supply the overall treatment plan: not only help customers deal with boiler exhaust gas dust removal issues, including energy saving renovation of existing boilers for customers, and coaching customers for daily operation of boilers.

13 )效劳点多,效劳及时,运转安稳、运用寿命长。 ( 13 ) Many service points, timely service, stable operation and long service life.

The dust removal equipment is composed of many small components, each of which includes a dust suction device, a purification device, a gas transmission device, a fan, a noise reduction and vibration reduction device, a dust transportation device, and the like. If it is high temperature smoke, it should be equipped with flue gas cooling and cooling equipment, pipeline compensation equipment, etc. Each component device often also includes accessory devices and several small devices.


Yuchen Boiler Dust Removal Equipment Technical Transformation Scheme Safety Guarantee:

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将实行毕生修理保养制,并为客户建立客户档案 , 每年定时回访客户 , 明白客户在使用操作中所呈现的问题;帮助客户训练保护保养人员;我司备有各种配件,便利及时服务我们的客户;我司供给现场装置需求的专用工具 . 我们将为用户供给免费的操作保护和训练。 After our company determines the technical reformation plan of boiler dust removal equipment , Yuchen dust removal equipment manufacturers will implement a life-long repair and maintenance system, and establish customer files for customers , return to customers regularly every year to understand the problems presented by customers in their operation; help customers Training protection and maintenance personnel; we have various accessories to facilitate the timely service of our customers; our company provides special tools for field device needs . We will provide users with free operation protection and training. When the customer tells us that the company wants to carry out production, our company will arrange experienced engineers to conduct on-site trial operation and provide comprehensive training and guidance. 24 小时内抵达。 During the warranty period, if any problem is found in the dust removal equipment, we meet the customer's requirements, and the engineer will arrive within 24 hours.


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