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Reasons for poor dust removal effect of dust removal equipment

Dust removal equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment that determines the quality of the product by its effect. If the dust removal equipment cannot effectively clean up the dust or does not have a little suction, it is equivalent to a heavy machinery equipment, so the dust removal equipment mainly Whether it is good or bad depends on how effective it is. The following explains the reasons why the dust removal effect of the dust removal equipment is not good .



点: The reasons for the poor dust removal effect of the dust removal equipment are as follows :


1 刚刚装上去的洁净滤袋之间的 孔隙较大 ,在 刚开始运用时粉尘经过率较高 , 没有到达最佳的过滤状况 , 粉尘排放量较大。 The reason for the poor dust removal effect of the dust removal equipment is that the pores between the clean filter bags just installed are large , the dust passing rate is high at the beginning of operation , the optimal filtration condition has not been reached , and the dust emission is large. , 粉尘在滤袋的外表面堆积构成粉尘层 , 使滤袋外表面的孔隙变小 , 除尘功率进步 , “尘滤尘”的效果可去除微细粉尘 99% 以上。 With the progress of filtration , dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag to form a dust layer , which reduces the pores on the outer surface of the filter bag and improves the dust removal power . The effect of "dust filtration" can remove more than 99% of fine dust . 1 个月后进行更为精确。 Therefore, the determination of the dust removal power of the pulse bag dust removal equipment is more accurate after one month of continuous use .



2 :查看滤袋的装置是 不是正确的 Cause 2 : The dust removal effect of the dust removal equipment is not good : Check whether the device of the filter bag is correct . , 依托缝制于滤袋口的弹性胀圈将滤袋嵌压在花板孔内 , 经过花板将中箱体尘气室与上箱体净气室严厉区别。 The general pulse bag type dust removal equipment relies on the elastic expansion ring sewn on the filter bag mouth to press the filter bag into the hole of the flower plate, and the medium box dust room is severely distinguished from the upper box clean room through the flower plate. , 呈现了缝隙 , 就会导致含尘气流直接进入净气室 , 排气筒出口冒灰。 If the elastic expansion ring at the mouth of the filter bag is not completely in close contact with the hole of the flower plate , and there is a gap , it will cause the air flow containing dust to directly enter the clean room , and the outlet of the exhaust tube will be dusty . , 发现缝隙的要压紧密封。 You can check the condition of the device of the dust filter bag one by one , and find that the gap must be tightly sealed. , 滤袋的装置质量是监督查看的要点之一。 During the installation of the pulse bag type dust removal equipment , the quality of the filter bag is one of the main points for supervision and inspection. : 在每个花板孔上方焊接 1 个套圈 , 套圈高度为 30mm 且与花板孔同心 , 将缝制于滤袋口的单层弹性胀圈紧贴套圈内壁装置 , 不光保证了滤袋的装置高度平坦、密封 , 并且使滤袋的装置、拆开更为简捷。 The iron plant has improved and optimized the filter bag device : a ferrule is welded above each hole of the flower plate , the height of the ring is 30mm and is concentric with the hole of the flower plate . The ring is closely attached to the inner wall device of the ferrule , which not only ensures that the device of the filter bag is highly flat and sealed , but also makes the device of the filter bag easier to disassemble.

Classification and type of dust removal equipment


3 如果滤袋破损将会直接导致带有粉尘的 气流直接外排、除尘器后的排气筒出口冒灰。 Dust removal equipment's poor dust removal reason 3 : If the filter bag is damaged, it will directly cause the air flow with dust to be discharged directly, and the outlet of the exhaust pipe behind the dust collector will ash. , 能够选用以下办法断定破袋的方位 : 用手动操作方法逐一仓室进行清灰 , 每次关闭 1 个仓室的出气阀 , 留意调查排气筒出口 , 当有破袋的仓室中止过滤时 , 排气筒出口就不再冒灰 , 据此可断定哪个仓室呈现破袋。 Regarding the large-scale pulse bag dust removal equipment for off-line dust removal , the following methods can be used to determine the direction of the broken bag : Manually clean the dust one by one , and close the air outlet valve of one compartment at a time . When the filtering is stopped in the compartment with broken bags , the outlet of the exhaust cylinder will no longer be dusty . Based on this , it can be determined which compartment shows broken bags. , 用铁盖密封住该花板孔 , 即可保证排放的粉尘浓度合格。 If as long as a single filter bag is damaged , the hole of the flower plate is sealed with an iron cover , and the discharged dust concentration can be guaranteed to be qualified. , 主张同一台除尘器的一切除尘布袋一起替换 , 保证每个滤袋具有平等阻力。 When replacing filter bags , it is advisable to replace one cut dust cloth bag of the same dust collector to ensure that each filter bag has equal resistance. , 需把新滤袋的袋口关闭 , 埋入除尘灰中几天 , 添加新滤袋的阻力 , 使新滤袋的阻力与旧滤袋挨近。 If only a few filter bags can be replaced , the bag mouth of the new filter bag needs to be closed and buried in the dedusting ash for a few days . The resistance of the new filter bag is added to make the resistance of the new filter bag close to the old filter bag.



4 :关于进风通道与出风通道仅用隔板分隔的除尘器 , 须查看中心隔板是否焊接紧密。 Reason 4 : The dust removal effect of the dust removal equipment is not good . Regarding the dust collector in which the air inlet channel and the air outlet channel are separated by partitions only , check whether the center partition is welded tightly. , 进风傍边的高浓度粉尘会窜入出风通道 , 导致排气筒出口冒灰。 If the center partition shows welding seams and gaps , the high-concentration dust near the inlet air will enter the air outlet channel , resulting in ash at the outlet of the exhaust pipe. , 使进风通道与出风通道彻底分隔 , 是除尘器制造装置傍边质量查看的另一要点。 Ensuring the welding quality of the central partition and completely separating the air inlet channel from the air outlet channel is another important point of quality inspection of the side of the dust collector manufacturing device.


条,在我们使用的时候会出现一些更多的影响除尘设备效果的问题,所以我们在使用除尘设备的时候,一定要注意其维护保养,这样才能让除尘设备更长久的使用下去! The four reasons for the poor dust removal performance of the dust removal equipment are introduced above . When we use it, there will be some more problems that affect the effectiveness of the dust removal equipment. Therefore, we must pay attention to its maintenance when using the dust removal equipment. In order to make the dust removal equipment last longer!

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